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Best Plumber in Durban Outer West

With over 40 years of experience in working across different plumbing systems, our Durban Outer West plumbers are more than capable of handling any task. We understand the dangers associated with leaking pipes and we are determined to provide you with a durable solution. Our specialists use state-of-art equipment to inspect and repair faults on your plumbing system. We deal with both small scale and large scale jobs since we have the necessary skills, knowledge and tools. Do not let yourself suffer due to a broken pipe or a clogged drainage system when there are experts around.

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Get peace of mind by knowing that we are able to solve any emergency plumbing issue in Durban Outer West. Emergencies such as blocked drainages, clogged pipes, burst pipes and flooded kitchens and bathrooms are bound to occur any time. To keep our clients’ safe from the after effects, our plumbers in Durban Outer West offer a reliable and effective 24 hour emergency plumbing service. Whether it is late at night, on a weekend or during holidays, we will ensure that every problem you have is fully catered for.

If you are planning on the installation of a new bathroom or kitchen, we are the right guys for the job. We also fit sinks, toilets, baths, showers and kitchen units. Apart from installing new piping and accessories, we also repair existing ones by replacing the malfunctioned and worn-out parts. In addition, we fix cracked pipes, leaking taps and clogged drains. Our experts are time-conscious and offer quality services at a considerable budget. Just call 031 100 1950 or use the contact form to your right.

Serving the local residents and business owners of the Outer West region, our plumbers are able to travel to the following location 24 hours a day:

Peacevale * Shongweni * Summerveld * Clifton Canyon *  KwaXimba * Molweni * Monteseel * Mpumalanga * Drummond * Everton * Emberton * Forest Hills * Fredville * Gillitts * Hammarsdale * Harrison * Hillcrest * KwaZulu-Natal * Botha’s Hill * Alverstone * Assagay * Cato Ridge * Crestholm * Cliffdale * Inchanga * Kloof * Waterfall * Winston Park * Wyebank