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Solar & Gas Geyser Repair, Installation and Maintenance

We are Durban’s leading plumbing company when comes to the effective maintenance, installation and repair of all makes and models of geyser, solar geysers and hot water heating systems within your home or office. Our geyser installers in Durban are fully trained and qualified in the safe installation of gas or solar geysers and will effectively repair, replace and install to your exact specifications. We also offer expert advice in energy efficiency and can supply and fit a wide range of efficient hot water heating systems designed to save you money and have a lesser effect on the environment.

geyser repair durban

Our geyser repair technicians in Durban are on call for any water heater related problems. If your geyser has burst, you have a leak or crack in the cylinder, need repairs to the insulation or need a complete replacement, we can help. Geysers are big and often quite bulky items which makes them extremely heavy. Installing a new gas geyser should not be a job taken on by inexperienced DIYers and should be completed by a registered plumbing professional. Death or serious injury can occur if you attempt this sort of job yourself as water and gas pipes can be deadly if not installed correctly.

Solar Gas Geyser Installation Durban

If you’re looking for hot water heating systems that are both efficient in terms of cost and that provide a better and friendlier effect on the environment, you should consider Solar Geysers Durban. These items require a solar panel being installed on your roof and will use the sun’s rays to store heat within your tanks ready for use when you need it. Our professional geyser installers Durban can advise on the best and most effective systems for your property, taking into account the size of your home and how much hot water you use daily. Call our expert geyser installation Durban team today on 031 100 1950 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements further.