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How Much Water Are YOU Wasting??

By Desmond Botha

Hello! And welcome to my latest Blog post. Here we aim to provide some useful information about how you can save on your water bill by taking some easy to implement steps and help to save water and the environment.

Plumbing in Durban Infographic

Do you actually know how much water you waste in a year? Leaving a tap dripping, turning the tap on whilst cleaning your teeth, a shower head slightly turned on or using the full flush on your toilet every time can waste over 600 gallons of water a year without you noticing. Also, leaking pipes or damaged mains can leak over the course of a year and help your water bill to stack up more than it needs to be. Regular inspection of your water system will help to determine if in fact you are paying over the odds. Fixing leaking taps or pipes should a priority and will help to reduce the cost of you water over the course of a year. Contact us today if you think you have a high water bill and we can ensure a regular inspection of your property and you waterworks to make sure its all up to standard and gets the stamp of approval from an industry leading professional plumbing company.

By Desmond Botha

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